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SACC: Sustainability Accounting Compliance Center  

About Center

“The financial and accounting systems that underpin our economy focus on short term financial outcomes and do not adequately reflect the dependency of our economic success on the health and stability of our communities and the natural environment. Companies, investors and governments are recognizing that long term sustainable performance relies on an understanding of the interdependency between financial, social and environmental factors”

Sustainability accounting (also known as social accounting, social and environmental accounting, corporate social reporting, corporate social responsibility reporting, or non-financial reporting) was originated about 20 years ago and is considered a subcategory of financial accounting that focuses on the disclosure of non-financial information about a firm's performance to external stakeholders, such as capital holders, creditors, and other authorities.

 But now, Sustainability accounting represents the activities that have a direct impact on society, environment, and economic performance of an organization.

During our joint cooperation between the SDS Int’l Group and Sokhan Hagh Auditing and Management Services, for the first time in Iran, a center called "Sustainability Accounting Compliance Center (SACC)" headed by Mr. Houshang Khastoie , Certified Public Accountant (CPA) was established.



"It is not necessarily a choice between making money on the one hand and ‘doing the right thing’ on the other. On the contrary, once it is recognized that ‘business as usual’ is unsustainable it follows naturally that those organizations which start to develop resilient business models will be the ones that succeed." HRH the Prince of Wales


Comprehensive financial evaluation from the perspective of the organization's position in the field of business continuity and in three dimensions of Transparency, Accountability and Partnership based on the international standard Sustainability Accounting (SASB), the six principles of responsible investment institution Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) And the principles of corporate governance of the Corporate Governance Organization

 Compiling a report based on evaluation findings, providing solutions to strengthen the financial infrastructure of the organization through the development of investability, financing

holding short-term specialized training courses, Workshops and seminars with the aim of increasing awareness and creating a common understanding of the concept of Sustainability Accounting

  :Ten measurements framework s

Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR)

 Triple Bottom line accounting

 GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) on Sustainability Reporting Guidelines."

 The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project (AFourS)

 Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

 Sustainability Accounting Guidelines at the World Summit on Sustainable Development

 UNCSD (United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development) policy framework on the environmental dimension of the sustainability accounting.

 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) frameworks Measuring environmental-economic-social interrelationships and Wealth-based approaches

 Goeff Lumberton’s comprehensive sustainability accounting framework.

    . Context-Based Sustainability (CBS) framework


Houshang Khastoie


Independent Accountant (IICA), Member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors Sokhan-e Hagh, Audit Firm and Management Services (IACPA)


   FSC: Friendship for Sustainability Center


 About Center

 Our world faces social, cultural, and economic change, as well as a changing climate and pandemic Covid19. Human actions play a key role in creating such worldwide challenges and also provide solutions. Ensuring a sustainable world requires action from stakeholders ranging from governments to the private sector to civil society, international organizations, and everyday citizens. Non-profit organizations and civil society often serve as advocates to raise awareness and empower citizens and communities to pursue sustainable activities, lifestyles, and consumption and production patterns.

"SDS Int’l Group" will highlight the power of everyday, local choices for global change and will remind global citizens of their global responsibilities. we believe in the power of friendship in changing the world. Through Friendship as a World View, we will use multidisciplinary friendship studies to promote international understanding of sustainability and the interconnectedness of all cultures, economies, health, and peace. Our programs empower people to learn about, connect with others, and act with the aim to support sustainability in their local communities or globally.

The center will help academic and popular production of Friendship concepts, literature, and institutions, and mobilize various local media to educate the public about the essential relationship between sustainability and friendship in all facets and avenues of life. Center’s directors have already produced eight academic texts in three languages of English, Arabic and Persian that can lay the foundational views of essential friendship across various disciplines of theology, economics, politics, arts, health education and international relations.

:Our Mission

 The Center of Friendship for Sustainability develops educational foundations for popular understanding of the deep interconnectedness of all global fields of life.

We are harnessing the power of friendship as a catalyst for greater global understanding, shared learning, and sustainable actions.


Our immediate goal is to produce university level textbooks in multidisciplinary friendship studies, regular public talks and webinars, workshops, training course, art exhibitions, film production. 


SRM: Sustainability Risk Management Center



About Center

Human being faces unprecedented challenges of which some could be categorized as "unknowable unknowns." The unpredictability of the future of mankind requires utmost level of public awareness coupled with collective actions.

The Sustainability Risk Management Center is established to advocate utilization of the existing risk management discourse in order to promote "Global Understanding for Sustainability UNESCO Chair Program." We invite our audience to stop the widespread ignorance towards environmental, social, and governance aspects of developments. We provide a network to dialogue the future challenges within a framework of risk management. The center supports academic research, public awareness, and media debates to inform the public of the interconnectedness of sustainability concepts and risk management principles.

Our Mission

 The Sustainability Risk Management Center provides training programs to disseminate understanding of environmental, social and governance aspects of sustainability

We endeavor to utilize risk management body of knowledge as a bridge to enhance sustainability awareness 

Our Team

Learn more about our unique team and board members at the Center, who are working to combine sustainability criteria in Risk Management.



Ali Saedvandi  


Former Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance at

University of Wollongong in Dubai

Citibank, Vise president, 2006-2008

EconClinic, Founder, 2018-2020



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